The Service is provided by a partnership of Genesis Housing Association and Homeless Action in Barnet.

Referral Process 

We accept referrals from statutory and non-statutory services in the London Borough of Barnet. People also can refer themselves to the service. 

How long does the service last? 

Most support is provided on a short-term basis, on average for a 4-month period. In some cases support will be shorter or longer, depending on need.

Who is eligible for the service? 

People aged 16+ with housing related support needs who are residents of London Borough of Barnet (or have been placed out of borough and referred by either the borough’s housing or social services departments).   Our service users are families with dependent children, people with mental health problems, learning difficulties, physical or sensory disabilities, alcohol or drug problems; or people who are homeless, refugees, ex-offenders/at risk of offending; or a young person or teenage parent at risk.

What is floating support? 

You will be allocated a support worker who will meet you regularly at agreed times either in your home, at OUTREACH BARNET offices or in the community. Your support worker will give you advice and assistance on issues related to maintaining your housing or living independently. We use a keywork approach with regular support planning and review sessions, and also provided a programme of weekly workshops and group activities to help you enhance life skills, abilities and knowledge

Rather than do things for you, we will encourage and support you to do things for yourself.

We will work with you to develop a support plan. This sets out:

  • the areas where you need the support
  • the goals you would like to achieve
  • the timescales for doing this
  • how your support worker will help you achieve these goals
  • what you will do to achieve these goals, including which workshops you can attend.

We will meet regularly with you and other organisations working with you to discuss your support needs and review your support plan. 

What do we offer?

We can offer:

  • Provide support and advice on sustaining accommodation
  • Advice on accessing alternative housing
  • Resettlement advice when moving to a new home, including getting furniture
  • Practical and/or emotional support in dealing with everyday matters
  • accessing employment, training or education
  • liaison with or referrals to other agencies
  • help with accessing and maximising welfare benefits
  • advice on budgeting, managing debt and dealing with utility bills
  • help to access culturally specific services
  • help to improve confidence and self-esteem.

If we are not able to help with a particular issue, we will find the right organisation or person who can help. The service has developed links and working relationships with a range of other agencies. These include

  • social housing providers; 
  • drug/alcohol agencies; 
  • community mental health teams; 
  • other social care services; 
  • primary and specialist healthcare services; 
  • welfare benefit agencies; 
  • legal advice services; 
  • agencies for young people
  • agencies for victims of domestic violence; and 
  • Cultural/community centres and resources.​

Service commitment 

Our service promise sets out our commitment to give you a good service. We want to keep our promise, but if we get it wrong, please tell a member of staff and we will try to put it right. Alternatively, you can use our feedback form​​​ to submit comments about the service. Your comments will help us to improve the service.

All customers will recieve a Service Handbook which includes our policies and procedures.

Where an application for the service has not been accepted, the appeals process can be used by the referrer or the person referred. A copy of this process is available on request.

Diversity and respect 

We work with people from a wide range of backgrounds, and we always respect people’s differences in the services that we deliver. We expect the same respect in return from the people with whom we work. We have a diversity policy and procedures for dealing with harassment. These will be made available to you if you wish to see them.

Quality of service 

We set and monitor standards for all the main areas of the service and can provide you with information about how we perform. We think it is important for everyone to have a say in the service they receive. We will ask you to tell us what you like and what you do not like about the service you have received so that we can improve the services we provide. If you have been a customer it would be a real help to us if you could complete our Exit Questionnaire​. 


Privacy is important to us. The information that you share with us will only be known to the people who work with you. In some circumstances we may be obliged to share some information with other professionals, but we will let you know if we have to do this.