Outreach Barnet Mental Health Team

 Support at Home

Service Aim

To enable people to live independently and meet their responsibilities as a tenant or home-owner.

Who is the service for:

This service is for adults over the age of 18 with mental health conditions. Services will be planned and delivered within the context of a service user assessment and support plan as set out in The Care Act 2014 and related guidance issued by the Secretary of State.


The service is to be delivered in an individual’s home (private renters and home owners) or within an agreed setting. The service is expected to be carried out by a visiting support worker.

The service is expected to be delivered between Monday to Friday 9am and 5pm, with support offered at weekends if required.

As support workers will be required to work remotely providers will need to ensure policies and procedures are in place that takes account of the safety of both service users and staff.

Duration of support

The service for individuals will be for up to a maximum of two years.

Service Requirements

Delivering support that focuses on the strengths and assets of services users, enabling service users to live as independently as possible.

It is expected that hours of support will reduce as service users increase their independence.

Examples of what service users will be enabled to do, include:

  • budgeting, setting-up arrangements to pay bills and address debt management issues
  • applying for benefits and to maximize their income
  • accessing specialist welfare rights advice and counselling services
  • arranging utilities connections
  • arranging adaptations to their home
  • identifying, considering and applying for housing
  • developing the skills needed to comply with tenancy obligations
  • achieving personal outcomes linked to accessing education and training; employment and volunteering opportunities
  • building social networks
  • self-advocating
  • accessing support and services that will promote and improve health and wellbeing, including statutory services
  • PWLD have up to date health action plans and emergency plans
  • staying safe
  • access support to specialist support such as mental health, community and linking into other services such as home care, substance misuse treatment agencies, community mental health and community learning disability teams and secondary mental health teams

Referral Process

There is a new referral process where eligible customers should be referred to Brokerage Service. A brokerage referral form should be completed including number of hours and support required and have it approved in Mental Health Specialist.

The contact details for Brokerage service is Brokerage.Team@Barnet.gov.ukTel: 020 8359 4702/ 020 8359 2870

This service is not for self-referrals and all professional referrals are dealt with by the brokerage service.