We accept referrals from statutory and non-statutory services in the London Borough of Barnet. People can no longer refer themselves to the service.

The easiest way to make a referral: if you are referring a person then please click the ‘Agencies Referral’ link above. This will take you to the online referral form.

Referral Guidance.

The capacity of our service is limited and we cannot always offer everyone who is referred support.  We will prioritise people for support with needs that present high risk of losing their accommodation and where there are clearly identified housing related support tasks that can be realistically accomplished by the support service within the support period.  In making a referral you should detail the support tasks and desired outcomes.

If we are not immediately able to offer support, we will advise you when support can likely be offered and will be in regular contact with you (the referrer and person referred) throughout the waiting period.  If we are not able to provide support, we will provide advice or may provide details of other services that may be able to help.

If you are referrer from a statutory care and support agency, we will expect you to provide all relevant information and documents (for example, needs and risk assessments, care or support plans, etc.).  We will use this information to prioritise referrals and, without available relevant information, we may not be able to process the referral.

Having received a referral, we seek to contact the person being referred within 1 working day to acknowledge receipt of the referral and advise the status of the referral whether the referral will be accepted, when the first appointment for completing an assessment or starting support.

If you need further information, please call the Duty Team on 020 3115 1185.

For making a referral, please click on the relevant link above, complete the form and then click to submit.‚Äč